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Blanco Bleach

Blanco Bleach is the legacy product of the Blanco Chemcials family of cleaning supplies. It was first produced over 60 years ago. Today the product is offered across The Bahamas in four different sizes, and four different varietals.

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Laundry and Fabric Care:

Blanco Chemicals’ Bleach solves a broad range of laundry problems, it brightens, whitens, and removes stains. Disinfects, eliminates odors and deodorizes laundry by eliminating most germs and odors.
Boosts cold water washing. Gives detergent extra cleaning power to remove stains and kills germs in cool water.

Is safe for MOST colourfast washables. Brightens and sanitizes coloured washables.

Bleach Safe Garment Test. Mix 1 tablespoon of Blanco Bleach to ¼ cup of water. Apply one drop of solution to small hidden part of fabric. Check all colours including trim. Let stand for 1 minute. Blot dry. No colour means article can be safely bleached.

Washing machine use:

For stubborn stains and heavy soils, presoak for 5 minutes in solution of ¼ cup of Blanco Bleach to 1 gallon of cold, sudsy water.

Separate whites from dark colours. Must not be used on wool, silk, mohair, leather, spandex, and nonfast colours. Otherwise, dilute Blanco Bleach in 5 quarts of water before adding.

Whiten Discoloured “yellowed” nylon. Add 3 tablespoons of Blanco Bleach to a gallon of warm water. Soak for 20 minutes, repeat if necessary, then rinse well.

Infant clothing/drapes. Presoak diaper pail with 1 tablespoon of Blanco Bleach per gallon of water, to whiten, disinfect and deodorize before laundering.

66bb 66bb ,东热ca大乱交2009 东热ca大乱交2009 ,youjjzz网址 youjjzz网址 Stained Articles. To remove coffee and tea stains, wine, fruit, grass, chocolate, blood, many dyes, inks, scorch and mildew, soak in solution of ½ cup of Blanco Bleach to 1 gallon of water for 10 minutes. Repeat if necessary, rinse and launder.

Kitchen & Bathroom:

Clean appliances, tub, porcelain surfaces, tile, linoleum, garbage cans. Mix ¼ cup of Blanco Bleach per gallon of warm, sudsy water. Wash thoroughly, rinse well.

Toilet Bowls. Must not be used in combination with other bowl-cleaning chemicals. Add ½ of Blanco Bleach. Swish over bowl surfaces. Add 2 tablespoons of vinegar, leave overnight.

Sick Rooms. Disinfect bedpans, sputum cups, rubber sheets, etc. with solution of 4 tablespoons of Blanco Bleach to 1 gallon of sudsy water. Wash item thoroughly, and rinse.

Foot Infections. For athlete’s feet, fungus, prevention of ringworm, soak feet in solution of ¼ tablespoon of Blanco Bleach in 2 quarts of warm water for 1 minute, then wash and dry feet thoroughly.

Safe drinking water. Add 7 drops of Blanco Bleach per gallon of water to kill bacteria.

General Household disinfectant. Mix 1 tablespoon of Blanco Bleach per gallon of water.

Active ingredients:

Sodium hypochlorite 5.25% by wt. lnert Ingredients: 94.75% by wt.

Important: do not use chlorine bleach in combination with ammonia or other household chemicals, toilet bowl cleaners and rust removers, since if such mixing occurs, hazardous gases may be released. Avoid transfer to food or beverage containers. Avoid contamination of food.

Blaco Bleach variations:

-          Regular
-          Extra Strength
-          Lemon Scented66bb 66bb ,东热ca大乱交2009 东热ca大乱交2009 ,youjjzz网址 youjjzz网址
-          Fabric Friendly (with Lavendar)